hand treatmentThere’s an old adage that says you can determine the real age of a woman just by looking at her hands. Your hands may not be the first body part that comes to mind when you think of the telltale signs of aging, but this adage actually isn’t far from the truth. In a study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) in a 2006 issue of their medical journal “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®,” participants of the study were asked to estimate the age range of multiple women based solely on the appearance of their hands in a series of unaltered images. The study found that in the vast majority of cases, the study’s participants were able to accurately identify the age range of the woman by the images of her hands alone. If you’re still not convinced, Queen of Pop Madonna herself is rumored to have worn fingerless gloves for decades to conceal her aging hands from the public’s critical eye.

In recent years, the demand for hand rejuvenation treatments has been on the rise as patients realize the skin on their hands is just as susceptible to signs of aging as the skin on their face and neck. At Desert Aesthetic and Vein Centre, we understand that the hands are often neglected when it comes to achieving younger-looking skin. That’s why Dr. Fisher specializes in rejuvenation treatments that are safe, non-invasive, and highly effective in treating aging hands. We’ve compiled the top five things most patients don’t know about hand rejuvenation so you can discover how to achieve your most youthful skin yet!

Causes of Aging Hands

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Its role is to protect internal systems, regulate body temperature and permit the sensation of touch— among other things. While it does a great deal to serve us, it can also experience changes over time if we don’t take care of it properly. In fact, skin starts the aging process as early as your mid to late twenties.

Collagen loss is a primary factor that leads to skin changes, with the body losing one percent of its total collagen production each year. Though the visible symptoms of aging usually won’t be apparent until your thirties or forties, the slow breakdown of elastin and collagen is already at work beneath the skin’s surface. The delicate areas of skin of the face and hands are more likely to display these signs since they are exposed to damaging elements daily.

Sun exposure is another main culprit responsible for aging your hands, as we often don’t think to put sunblock on these areas before heading outside. Years of accumulated sun exposure lead to premature wrinkles, sun spots, uneven pigmentation, as well as thinning skin that makes them appear old, veiny, and weathered.

Fat Transfers for Hands Exist

In the same study conducted by the ASPS, researchers found the biggest clue to the age of the hands was the presence of prominent bones and veins protruding from the skin due to volume loss over time. It may surprise you to learn that patients aren’t just utilizing fat transfer procedures for their face anymore to achieve smoother, younger-looking skin. They’re now looking to fat transfer procedures like the ALMI™ (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) method to revitalize the loss of volume from the backs of the hands.

ALMI™ is a non-invasive fat transfer technique in which an expertly trained surgeon such as Dr. Fisher will use liposuction to extract your body’s supply of fat and regenerative cells, then strategically inject it back into the hands to restore volume to your skin and improve its texture and tone. Wrinkles and scars are effectively filled at the same time embarrassing veins are concealed.

Hand Rejuvenation is Fast and Safe

There are a handful of non-invasive rejuvenation procedures to choose from when it comes to your hands, and the method you select will vary based on the problem areas you wish to address. An ALMI™ fat transfer treatment at Desert Aesthetic and Vein Centre is performed on an outpatient basis and typically takes no longer than an hour to complete. Because the fat from your own body is used to replace the depleted fat stores in the back of your hands, there is little to no risk of an adverse or allergic reaction. Fat transfer also tends to last much longer than dermal filler injections, making it a cost-effective approach to hand rejuvenation in the long run.

Results are Long-Lasting

Many patients wonder whether hand rejuvenation procedures are actually useful in restoring the youthful look and feel to their hands. To achieve natural-looking results that last, the key is to select a rejuvenation treatment that not only addresses the skin’s aged appearance but also stimulates new collagen production to continue to restore skin from within over time. ALMI™ treatments, for example, do just that as your body accepts the new fat tissue into the area. The injections work to instantly plump up hands, leaving them visibly smoother and younger, while continuing to provide long-lasting results on a cellular level as well.

Rejuvenate with Your Face

In the past, most rejuvenating or anti-aging skin treatments have focused exclusively on improving the appearance of the skin on your face— and it’s easy to understand why. Your face is one of the first spots that will reveal your age and is always visible to the world around you. However, if you only treat one visible area of the skin for signs of aging, there’s bound to be a disconnect between the age of your face and the of age other visible areas of the skin, such as your hands.

To address this concern, Dr. Fisher recommends hand rejuvenation treatments as a complementary procedure to facial rejuvenation for more consistent, natural-looking results. If you’re considering an ALMI™ treatment for the face, you can easily opt into treating the back of your hands during the same procedure for your best looking, well-rounded results.

If you’re ready to see how a hand rejuvenation treatment like ALMI™ can turn back the clock on hands, Brawley board-certified surgeon Dr. Ted Fisher is prepared to help. With decades of expertise and unparalleled client-centered service, Desert Aesthetics & Vein Centre has the modern technology and highly-trained staff to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Call 760-344-1101 today to book your consultation.