FaceTite is a minimally invasive facelift alternative that provides transformative results without the need for surgery. FaceTite utilizes RF energy to create thermal skin contraction by heating the underlying and external tissues of the skin. FaceTite treatments are completed under local anesthesia with mild oral sedation and are generally considered to be painless. A thin probe is inserted through a small hole to heat the underlying structures of the loose skin, while an external electrode is simultaneously passed over the skin’s surface. This layered approach creates a controlled thermal field that applies heat to both the external and internal tissues of the skin.

Results from FaceTite are similar to those of a facelift but with less downtime and side effects. Side effects include bruising and swelling and will improve dramatically within the first week. Most patients return to normal activities in three to seven days. Results are immediately noticeable and continue to develop for the first six months, as the targeted collagen and elastin continue to tighten and combat skin laxity.

If you have loose skin in the lower face, neck and jowls but wish to avoid undergoing surgery, then FaceTite is the solution. FaceTite offers significant improvement in just one treatment without any scarring, alongside results that are visible for an average of five years.