Vanquish Me & Vanquish Flex

The BTL Vanquish ME device provides contactless body contouring with no downtime or side effects. Vanquish ME uses RF energy to gently warm fatty tissues and cause cellular disruption, thereby killing fat cells but leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. The body then naturally disposes of the dead cells for noticeable results in as little as two to three weeks. Fat in the abdomen and sides can be targeted for body contouring using the Vanquish ME device. With the Vanquish Flex applicator, Desert Aesthetic & Vein Centre can also provide contactless body contouring of the thighs and arms.

Treatments take about 30 to 45 minutes per targeted area. About four sessions spaced one week apart yield optimal results. Because Vanquish ME treatments avoid making skin contact, side effects and downtime are nonexistent, although patients may experience a lingering warm sensation in the targeted area for a few hours post-treatment. Patients can return to work immediately following their appointment.

Final results will take about two to three months to develop after the last session as the body continues to clear out the treated fat cells. Vanquish ME provides lifelong results by diminishing fatty tissue in the targeted area, although patients are not immune to accumulating additional fat through an unhealthy lifestyle. Unlike other body contouring treatments, the Vanquish ME device has no limitations on patient BMI.


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