To ensure your safety as well as that of our staff, we are closely following the following guidelines provided to us by the CDC and

When we call patients the day before their appointments we routinely screen for the following:
-shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
-changes in or loss of taste and/or smell
-muscle pain
-sore throat
-have you tested positive
-if you are recovered when was you last ‘negative test’ result
-have you been exposed to a person who has tested positive

When they are in our buildings:
1. No one can be seen if they have cough, fever, tested positive themselves and currently under a physician’s care. These patients will be rescheduled.

2. Everyone must wear a mask for entirety of their appointment.

3. “Socially Distance” Keep six feet apart from other patients.

4. Patients must wash hands at sign-in.

5. Patient Rooms, Restrooms, check-in areas are disinfected.

6. Anyone who accompanies the patient (family and friends)must wait outside the building. We will can notify them when you are done with your appointment. The only exception is for a patient’s personal nursing assistant.

7. We limit the number of patients scheduled so social distancing can be maintained.

8. Temperatures are taken at check-in.

We thank you for your patience during these trying times.