ClariVein is a minimally invasive deep vein and varicose vein treatment that combines mechanical action with sclerosant infusion to safely collapse and eliminate problem veins. Unlike other minimally invasive vein treatments, ClariVein does not require numbing or the use of anesthesia, further lowering the risk of complications.

A small puncture wound is created to allow insertion of a catheter into the targeted vein. Ultrasound guidance allows for accurate and precise treatment. The catheter is equipped with a rotating wire tip that spins gently but rapidly inside the vein, stimulating the vein to spasm and to cause vein contraction. The injected sclerosant causes the cells of the veins inner most lumen to die and slough off, ultimately causing vein collapse. Once the vein has been treated, Dr. Fisher will remove the catheter from the vein, then move your foot 20 times so as to discourage the sclerosant from
accumulating in the deep veins. The entry point in the skin is small enough to heal without using stitches or leaving behind scarring.

The ClariVein procedure is quicker than other treatments, lasting less than 15 minutes. Patients are advised to walk for 10 minutes in the lobby in order to prevent any accumulation of sclerosant in the lower extremities which can cause a blood clot in the deep veins. Side effects are minor and can include
soreness, tingling and skin staining, which can be treated with a laser. ClariVein offers no risk of thermal nerve injury and much less pain than similar vein treatments, making it often the preferred option for patients interested in a safer, quicker and more painless vein treatment method.