RF Ablation

This procedure uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to gently heat and collapse varicose veins, allowing the body to naturally redirect the blood to nonvisible veins and gradually reabsorb the treated veins.

Topical or local anesthesia will be administered during the procedure to ensure patients are as comfortable as possible while receiving treatment, although vein ablation is a relatively painless procedure. A puncture wound is made in the leg to allow the insertion of a catheter into the targeted vein.

Dr. Fisher uses ultrasound technology to help guide the catheter safely into the vein and administer the treatment with great precision. Once the catheter has been set into place, an electrode emits RF energy to heat the surrounding vein, causing the vessel to shrink and collapse. Vein ablation closes the defective vein, preventing blood flow from passing through it. Once Dr. Fisher removes the catheter, the procedure is over. The entire treatment lasts less than one hour.

Because vein ablation is a simple and safe process, patients usually do not require any downtime. Patients typically return to normal activities the day of or the day after their procedure. Treating deep veins with vein ablation will eliminate aching, swelling, skin irritation and discoloration with immediate results.

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Unlike other vein procedures, the entire process is nonsurgical and minimally invasive for painless and quick results. Only one small puncture wound is made in the skin, negating the need for stitches and leaving virtually no scar behind. Vein ablation is an outpatient procedure and will be performed in our surgery suite, negating the need for a visit to the hospital.

Common side effects of RF ablation include minor bruising and tenderness. The procedure has almost no potential for complications, although bleeding, infection, cord formation, numbness, and blood clots are always a low risk with this treatment. Wearing compression stockings for about one to two weeks will be recommended to aid in healing and minimize swelling. Dr. Fisher also encourages patients to walk everyday after their appointment to promote healthy blood flow and circulation.

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