Laser Sclerotherapy

Laser sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive vein procedure that can eliminate both spider and reticular veins. This procedure is completed in our clinic treatment room. During treatment, a laser is aimed at the vein in the skin and fired. The veins then are welded shut and collapse, allowing the body to safely and naturally redirect blood flow to deeper, healthier veins.

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The entire procedure is relatively painless and takes a very short amount of time. Large areas can be treated with minimal effort. No anesthesia is necessary, although topical anesthesia can be provided upon request to make the treatment more comfortable. Laser sclerotherapy does not carry the risk of blood clot formation in the major veins as is the case with all sclerosants (liquid detergents), and requires one to two treatments spaced one to two weeks apart for optimal results. The amount of treatments required depends on the number and size of veins targeted for treatment.

Laser sclerotherapy is a safe procedure and has mild side effects, including itching, soreness, and burns from the laser (in unskilled hands). Some skin discoloration is also common but will gradually fade with time. Patients can walk immediately following the treatment and will be encouraged to do regularly in order to promote healthy blood circulation in the legs. Most patients return to work and regular activities the day of or following their laser sclerotherapy appointment. Exercise and strenuous activities will need to be avoided for the first couple of weeks.

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